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Patient Success Story – Shoulder Pain

Physical therapists press to the patient shoulder check for pain.

Our bilingual navigator Diego received a call from an individual experiencing extreme shoulder pain. Due to the nature of the free and charitable clinics (most cannot accept urgent cases), we informed the patient that he might need to wait for an appointment before being seen and should consider the emergency room. 

However, the patient did not want to go to the hospital due to being uninsured and unable to pay. He informed Diego that he was willing to wait due to the fear of financial burden. Our navigator promptly referred the patient to our partners at Tulakes Community Clinic.

Thankfully, Tulakes got the patient that same day due to a cancellation. The patient was relieved that not only was the pain addressed quickly- but there would not be a huge bill to deal with afterward. The patient had such a great experience that he recommends that family members become established at Tulakes Community Clinic

Patient stories inspire us all! During Free & Charitable Clinics Month, we encourage you to share how these clinics have made a positive impact on your life. Let’s spread hope and showcase the invaluable work of these clinics.

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