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Current Jobs Available

Employment with the Health Alliance for the Uninsured is more than just a job. HAU is an opportunity to serve with care and compassion. Join our team of professionals working alongside administrators and care providers to make quality health care available to Oklahoma county’s vulnerable uninsured and under-insured populations. Our staff serves as a catalyst for access to health care services for 150,000 uninsured patients in Oklahoma City.

  • Care Connection Specialty Referral Nurse Coordinator to coordinate diagnostic testing, specialty consults, and surgical care for low-income, uninsured patients in Oklahoma County. For details or to apply CLICK here.
  • Medication Access Coordinator to oversee our prescription assistance programs that provide medications at no cost for long-term health conditions. For details or to apply CLICK here.
  • Practice Facilitator will serve individual clinics by providing support for data collection across all clinics and by assisting the project team in introducing practice changes, encouraging data-driven and evidence-based improvement strategies, and providing any onsite coaching clinics may require as changes are implemented in clinic workflows. For details or to apply CLICK here.