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August is Free and Charitable Clinics Month

Man visiting hospital clinic

During August we’re creating extra support and awareness for clinics working to strengthen the safety net in healthcare. These clinics are crucial in providing medical assistance to individuals who lack insurance, are underinsured or face difficulties accessing quality healthcare. Despite advances in healthcare, specific gaps persist, and the free and charitable clinics work tirelessly to fortify the safety net.

Countless people across the state grapple with tough choices like prioritizing between essential needs like food and housing or seeking medical attention and medications. However, Free and Charitable Clinics are at the forefront of ensuring that access to healthcare is not merely a distant dream but a tangible reality. During Free and Charitable Clinics Month, we strive to raise awareness about the remarkable mission of our sector by spotlighting clinics plus enlightening our communities and key stakeholders about the crucial role these clinics play in bridging gaps in our healthcare system.

The Health Alliance for the Uninsured serves as a catalyst for providing access to healthcare services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them. We operate as a collaborative community that ensures quality healthcare is available to Oklahoma’s vulnerable uninsured and under-insured populations. HAU brings together partners, including physicians, safety net clinics, hospitals and other public and private entities. HAU is a supportive hub for the Safety Net Clinic network, comprising 95 clinics statewide. These clinics receive essential supplies, information, training and additional resources such as personal protective equipment and more, through our support.

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