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Care Connection Success Story

Adult woman having a visit at oculist's office. Doctor examining eyes of young woman in clinic.

HAU received a referral for a 38-year-old female patient being cared for at Ministries of Jesus (MOJ) in Edmond for a diagnosis of Lupus. She is taking hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) which can be toxic to the retina of the eyes and can even lead to blindness. It is standard of care to have a screening eye exam at the onset of treatment and follow-up exams, with the frequency varying depending upon the risks. 

An ophthalmology referral request was received on April 25th from Dr. Sherri Tucker at MOJ clinic electronically via Athena fax. Dania Hernandez reviewed the documentation for completeness and then transferred it to Phases for medical review by Dr. Herndon. 

Dr. Herndon was automatically notified via email of the pending review. Dr. Herndon reviewed the case, and because it had been three years since her last eye exam, the case was deemed medically necessary and approved. Dania then referred to Dr. Thomas Wolf, Ophthalmologist, who accepted the case, and the patient was given an appointment time. Dania then notified the patient and the MOJ clinic of the appointment date and time. Dr. Wolf prefers to send all of his reports directly to HAU, so in this case, Dania will receive the office notes from Dr. Wolf and forward a copy to MOJ.

Patient stories inspire us all! During Free & Charitable Clinics Month, we encourage you to share how these clinics have made a positive impact on your life. Let’s spread hope and showcase the invaluable work of these clinics.

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