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HAU Helps Oklahomans Without Coverage Get Medical Care

According to Health Alliance for the Uninsured (HAU), around 500,000 Oklahomans do not have health insurance.

Jeanean Jones, executive director of Health Alliance for the Uninsured, wants those without coverage to know there is care available.

“There is hope and help for Oklahomans who are uninsured. The emergency room does not have to be the solution.”

The Healthcare Alliance for the Uninsured is ready to connect Oklahomans in need with one of the 94 free clinics here in the state.

“We have the most wonderful people that volunteer and work at our free clinics and they would love to help,” said Jones. And if you need more extensive care, HAU will connect you to the right treatment.

“Were able to coordinate these specialty referrals so they can have access to life-saving procedures whether it’s surgeries or imaging,” said Jones.

As of right now, the healthcare alliance says around 250,000 more Oklahomans are expected to lose healthcare coverage in April. That is when the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration ends. “We really need to be prepared for what they are calling an unwinding,” said Jones.

The alliance is ready to help. “Whether you are insured or uninsured everyone should have the resources they need to be healthy and have a great quality of life. If you have your health, you have a lot more access to all of the things that life has to offer” said Jones. 

The Alliance is always looking for volunteers and says monetary donations help them provide care for Oklahomans. 

To learn more, call: 405-286-3343

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