Will treating under served patients put me at risk?

Recent research suggests that low-income patients are less litigious than other patient groups. Like other charity care provided within your practice, treatment of Care Connection patients is covered by your malpractice insurance. In addition, Oklahoma provides volunteer immunity for providers who treat patients for free that were referred by free/charitable clinics. You can go to http://www.hauonline.org/images/volunteer_immunity_article.pdf for more information.

Our Vision
The Health Alliance for the Uninsured is to be a highly effective community organization that facilitates quality preventive and health care services to the medically underserved of Central Oklahoma.
Our Goals
  1. Increase physician visibility and participation
  2. Develop a fully integrated system of care, including clinics, hospitals, private providers with a connected data system/exchange
  3. Increase quality outcomes
  4. Raise awareness and understanding of the Health Alliance for the Uninsured in the community to increase financial support and partner participation